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Conference „One Step Beyond: Joining forces against Hate Speech with a transnational Reporting Portal“

Update: Unfortunately, the conference scheduled for June 30, 2022, will likely be postponed for one year for organizational reasons.

The conference addresses politically and socially engaged people as well as decision makers from the project countries.

In ERASMUS+ project „One Step Beyond“ (OneS), organisations from Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Eastern Belgium are working together from 2020 to 2023 to develop a concept for a transnational reporting portal against hate speech.

The idea is that people from these countries will be able to report hate comments, which will be evaluated and documented according to national jurisdiction in respective countries, and punishable content will be reported to the police. Internet providers are also to be called upon to delete such posts. The reporting portal is intended to send a clear message that the internet is not a lawless space. Moreover, „One Step Beyond“ is the first cross-border reporting cooperation against online Hate Speech.

At the conference on June 30, 2022, in Lucerne (CH), the interim results of the project will be presented to professionals as well as to politically interested audience, publicly discussed with experts, and further developed.




Datum: 30.06.2022

, Switzerland